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Powering a Sustainable Future 

With Carbon Negative Products & Services

Real Goals-Real Actions

We  are on a mission to lead the way with  more sustainable, affordable products and services that support a greener future. Through our products and services we will be able to help our customers meet sustainability goals, reduce their carbon emissions and carbon footprint avoiding disastrous climate change, preventing economic losses and yielding dramatic health benefits. 


 A Few Of Our Products

Screen Shot 2023-07-02 at 6.43.35 PM.png

Bio-Plastic Composites

Screen Shot 2023-07-02 at 6.37.28 PM.png

Bio Textiles

Custom Made Sustainable Products
and Solutions For Your Business

Every business is different and requires attention specifically on a project by project basis. Here at Global Biosolutions you are guaranteed the up most respect, privacy and attention to each individual project. 

We have individual specialized teams that are ready to join your team and support your project needs and requirements from start to finish.

In order for us to have a complete understanding of your business needs, goals or requirements, please fill out our form at the bottom of the page and someone will be in contact with you soon.


Tell Us More About Your Sustainable Project


Tel: 713-447-3998

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